Hi there! You’ve found yourself at the very fist blog post at Paranormal Palaver! What exactly can you expect each and every time you visit the PP Ranch, you ask? Our hope is that you will find not only a new podcast episode (okay, you’ll definitely find that), but each week, you’ll have access to all the behind the scenes action (hijinks) that goes into each session, including photos (evidence), links to resources and references and maybe even some blooper reels from the featured episode. We hope that you leave the PP Ranch feeling inspired, amused, entertained and maybe even a little confused and hungry for more!

This week’s episode, Sleep Paralysis: Facts & Folklore, was an intriguing episode for Jeff, Joe and myself for several reasons. As you listen, you’ll discover that I have had my own personal (horrifying) experiences with sleep paralysis, that Joe blames ghosts and that Jeff can’t stop shaking his head at what he thinks is just complete nonsense. This, being our very first episode, is a fun listen for the three of us. Having just recorded episode 17, revisiting episode 1 reminds us of just how far we’ve come! We hope that you stick around to make it to episodes 17, 18 and beyond.

But for now, settle in. Maybe grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, dim the lights and turn up the volume.

Episode 1: Sleep Paralysis

And remember… Don’t get too scared!

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