In this episode of Paranormal Palaver, we discuss the concept of past lives, or reincarnation – depending on your vernacular.  For once, I found myself being more skeptical of this topic than both Joe and even Jeff (gasp!!).  After reading through some pretty compelling stories about young children who not only had detailed memories of living another lifetime, but were emotionally and sometimes physically affected by these memories, the three of us (well, four, actually – once Jake joined us towards the end of this episode) found that the forks in the road of possible explanations or even basic concepts of past lives was endless and somewhat mind-boggling.

I find this topic incredibly fascinating, particularly these cases where toddlers recall memories (we’re talking verifiable details like names, occupation, contents of their former home) that are pretty hard to explain or prove to be a hoax.  And yet, I find myself struggling with the concept of reincarnation.  Maybe it’s my general aversion to the idea of having to live another (and another, and another) lifetime on this planet when I’d much rather spend my afterlife (if that exists) living in pure happiness and comfort.  And lots of chocolate.

Do you have memories of past lives?  Do you believe in reincarnation?  Tell us what you think!

And as always…

Don’t get too scared!



One thought on “Episode 18: Past Lives

  1. Past life regression has been a popular topic lately. I have seen it in the news and being discussed on multiple podcasts. I am glad to see it getting more recognition because it is a powerful tool that can really help people! I know that it is not an easy topic to understand so it is normal to be skeptical. Thanks for taking the time to talk about it.

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