Hey fellow Palaverers, it’s episode 19!  We appreciate your support and couldn’t have made it this far without you!  Well, we probably could have but it wouldn’t be nearly as fun without y’all.

Krista, Jeff and Joe

In this episode, we discuss some paranormal news stories involving Ouija boards in schools as well as nurses and their paranormal experiences.  We also cover a couple of local investigation groups out of Green Bay (Brown County Paranormal and Death Toll Paranormal Investigation Services), before diving into the “guts” of this edition, Alcatraz.

Jeff describes his visit to the famous prison – did he see any ghosts?  Did he walk away a believer (spoiler alert – if you’ve listened to episodes 1-18, you’ll already know the answer to this).  The rest of you will have to press ‘play’ to find out!

Jeff, being photobombed by Alcatraz.

I found a good deal of historical and haunted information on Alcatraz here and here.

Have you been to the famous island?  Did you have any experiences or come away with any evidence of a haunting?  We’d love to hear about it!

Thanks again for stopping by and as always… don’t get too scared!


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