Guys.  We had so much fun recording this episode, as I’m sure you will see once you give it a listen.  We hope that you enjoy playing along with this horror edition of Would You Rather?  Leave us the answers to your favorite questions in the comments and we’ll mention them in housekeeping on episode 21!

We thought this episode would give our listeners a peek inside the slightly terrifying minds of Joe, Jeff and myself, while hopefully giving you a good chuckle or two.  We have to warn you though – this episode is a little explicit (sexual references and naughty language, to be specific) so don’t say we didn’t warn you.  Because we totally warned you.

Here are the links to the paranormal investigation groups we mention in this episode (there’s this one, and then there’s this one).

You can listen to episode 20 here:

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Do you have any suggestions for topics?  Leave us a comment, or shoot us an email at  If you have a personal story about a haunting or other paranormal experience that you’d like to share with our listeners, you can also send those to the gmail account.  Don’t worry, we won’t use your real name unless you give us the thumbs up to do so.  We’d love to hear from you so drop us a line!

In the meantime, don’t get too scared!



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