This edition of Paranormal Palaver is our second movie episode. However, instead of covering all manner of scary movies, we focus on movies that feature (or at least contain the appearance of) extraterrestrials.  From the Alien franchise, to Close Encounters (If you are a true fan, I don’t need to finish that title), we discuss our favorite (and not so favorite) cinematic creations involving those oh so elusive other beings.

Btw, when you do a google image search on ‘E.T.’, some truly strange stuff comes up.  Like…


And this.  I mean… Mr. E.T?  Gotta love the internet!

In all seriousness (until you remember that photo of Michael Jackson and E.T. apparently posing for what is obviously a prom photo), while we’ve touched on the topic of UFOs and alien life in other episodes, this session brings to my attention the fact that we need to focus an entire episode on aliens in general.  From UFO sightings, to contact, to abductions, we plan to dive into this topic head first in the future.  Episode 23 anyone?

Grab some popcorn (or maybe Reese’s Pieces), maybe put on your tinfoil hat, and have a listen!

And let us know – what did we leave out?  What is your favorite alien based movie, and why?

Better yet – have you had some kind of close encounter?  If so, please contact us, we’d love to hear your story!

As always, thanks for listening… and don’t get too scared!


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