In part 1 of episode 23, we talk about close encounters.  To be specific, close encounters of the 1st and 2nd kind.  Turns out, there are up to 7 levels of encounters!  1 and 2 generally involve seeing a UFO, though at different distances and the 2nd kind having physical effects.  We discuss the different types of UFOs typically reported, the plausibility of said UFOs, and Jeff generally poo-poos on all of it (even though he admittedly believes in aliens).  Go figure!

Personally, I’ve never seen a UFO, but I would like to.  As we mention in the podcast, a UFO sighting from a safe distance, with nobody getting probed in any way, shape, or form, seems like an experience I could get behind.  I’m sure there is a pun or probe joke in there somewhere.

Keep your hands to yourself, E.T.!!!

But seriously, this is a fascinating topic and I hope some of our listeners will share some of their close encounters.

Keep your eyes to the sky, and don’t get too scared!


3 thoughts on “Episode 23, Part 1: Close Encounters

  1. Krista, I don’t know how you keep Jeff and Joe reeled in. I am hooked on paranormal palaver. Keep up the good work. I really have enjoyed all of you guys. I would love to hear more about ghost sightings in and around the Sheboygan county area. Don’t get to scared!!!

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